Virtual studio using Augmented Reality – Ross Virtual

Personalization algorithms and the ownership of data

John Havens writes: “Personalization algorithms designed to know our intentions before we do form the backbone of the Internet Economy. And while these algorithmic systems may not fit all the criteria of genuine Artificial Intelligence (AI), their artifice is firmly in place in terms of their bias. Advertising-based AI frames our lives within purchase funnels, where our desires are only relevant in regards to return on investment. The reason this Internet Economy is so broken is because we can’t control or centralize our personal data.”

Seamlessly map an environment using planar and non-planar regions and overlay with info – Dense Planar SLAM

A simple intro to Augmented Reality

Holographic fishing

More info here
Link found by @photolifeofq

Apple Pay

Cade Metz writes on Apple Pay: “Unveiled on Tuesday and promised as an integral part of the latest iPhones and the new iWatch, Apple Pay isn’t just a way to pay for stuff at places like McDonald’s, Walgreens, and Macy’s. It’s a new way to pay for stuff inside mobile applications like Uber, which lets you instantly order a car ride, and Instacart, which lets you instantly order groceries. In short, it equips your phone with a single way to pay for anything—online, offline, or in that new netherworld between the two recently pioneered by the likes of Uber, an app that lets you pay for an immediate offline experience using an online tool.”

Replace ads with art by means of Augmented Reality – NO AD

Julian Oliver probably was the first to do this (The Artvertiser, 2008). Now NO AD in New York does it too: replacing ads with art.


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