Hatsune Miku at David Letterman

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Immersive gaming – RoomAlive

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Introduction to Google’s Augmented Reality game Endgame

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Touchscreen multifunctional payment card – Plastc

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Selfie mining

Douglas MacMillan and Elizabeth Dwoskin write: “Some companies, such as Ditto Labs Inc., use software to scan photos—the image of someone holding a Coca-Cola can, for example—to identify logos, whether the person in the image is smiling, and the scene’s context. The data allow marketers to send targeted ads or conduct market research.”

Gaming and learning how to read

Clive Thompson writes: “Games, it seems, can motivate kids to read—and to read way above their level. This is what Constance Steinkuehler, a games researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discovered. She asked middle and high school students who were struggling readers (one 11th-grade student read at a 6th-grade level) to choose a game topic they were interested in, and then she picked texts from game sites for them to read—some as difficult as first-year-college language. The kids devoured them with no help and nearly perfect accuracy. How could they do this? “Because they’re really, really motivated,” Steinkuehler tells me. It wasn’t just that the students knew the domain well; there were plenty of unfamiliar words. But they persisted more because they cared about the task.”

Augmented Marketing Augmented Reality social media icons


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