Use case for DAQRI Smart Helmet

How much do you earn for social networks

Jess Bolluyt writes: “Find out how much you’re worth to these five social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram (owned by Facebook), and Tumblr (owned by Yahoo). So let’s say that you use only Facebook for your social networking needs. You made $8.97 for the social network last year. But if you use Facebook to connect with your friends, and LinkedIn to connect with colleagues and network with others in your field, you made $15.31 for the social networks last year. Add in Twitter, and you’re up to $20.17. And if you use all five social networks, you made $22.74 for these social media companies all by logging in, posting and liking content, reading articles, and perhaps occasionally clicking on an ad. There are a couple of caveats with this method. This kind of basic calculation assumes that all users are the same, while we know for a fact that your location, level of activity, how many friends you have, and what you do on the social network have a big impact on how much revenue you actually generate.”

Teachers and tech – infographic


Teen profiling app to signal depression

Mike Wehner writes: “For a teen struggling with depression and other mood disorders it can be hard to admit you need help, or even understand what the problem is. Researchers at Rutgers are working on a smartphone app that can make tracking troubling patterns easier for parents, and hopefully help in the fight against teen suicide.”

He adds: “The app has some limitations, and in order for it to work as intended, the user can’t forget their phone, frequently turn it off, or refuse to voice their feelings in the daily diary. In short, the app, which is still in development, may face an uphill battle to get teens to actually use it.”

Augmented Reality surgical navigation

Augmented Reality fitness game – What’s your Zone?

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Profiling app Crystal to advise in communication

Owen Williams writes: “Crystal, a new app that analyzes public data to tell you exactly how to communicate with people, has had us all at TNW looking up our friends and family today (as well as ourselves, of course) to find out what it knows about us. What’s surprising is that it’s often eerily accurate.”


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