View-Master Augmented Reality and VR

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VR porn – BaDoink

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Essential digital teacher skills – Infographic


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Hololens for American football – concept

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Augmented Reality instant photos – Prynt

Augmented Reality and VR use case differentiated revenues predictions


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Intuitive AI?

John Naughton writes: “in October last, a DeepMind computing system calledAlphaGo had defeated the reigning European champion player of the ancient Chinese game go by five games to nil. The victory was announced last week in a paper published in the scientific journal Nature. … The really significant thing about AlphaGo is that it (and its creators) cannot explain its moves. And yet it plays a very difficult game expertly. So it’s displaying a capability eerily similar to what we call intuition – “knowledge obtained without conscious reasoning”. Up to now, we have regarded that as an exclusively human prerogative.”


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