Augmented Reality in chat by ooVoo and Intel

Kimberlee Morrison writes on the cooperation between ooVoo and Intel: “The latest project aims to bring augmented reality features into the platform. According to an official press release:

The collaboration will bring together unique experiences inside a video chat that range from virtual avatars that can mimic users’ facial expressions in real time, to background replacement inside the video call.”

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Google as US identity provider

E Pluribus Unum writes: “Google+ is much more successful than many people have yet realized: according to Federal News Radio, the U.S. General Services Administration has quietly added Google to the list of identity providers that the federal government has authorized to provide secure digital credentials for logging into digital services. Today, it looks like Google will be be part of the federated identity strategy that could allow U.S. citizens to renew passports online, download personal heath data and reserve campground sites in the years ahead.”

Reflection on youngsters avoiding moving images of themselves

Looking at MTV Catfish episodes on Internet relationships that continue over time without the partners ever seeing each other in real life or on cam I realize that a serious taboo for youngsters is images. Not so much photo images maybe, but moving images and especially moving images of themselves.
I guess that Beatka Staszynska and I in our workshops therefore evoke such big emotions – they involve experiencing a lot of moving pictures of the participants, both in Augmented Reality and on video. But they also involve participants acquiring the tools to start consciously self-presenting themselves in moving images.
It’s interesting how our method of constructive confrontation is appreciated, seeing how many young people seen to avoid this confrontation when deciding for themselves.

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Share a moment with a stranger – Tworlds

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Multiplicity cloud robotics – Ken Goldberg


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