tante discusses the development of new technologies. He sees technologies like Google Glass integrating ever more in our senses. His observation: “The more integrated the technology becomes, the more it behaves like our senses do and our senses do not, not ever, work opt-in.”

Then he discusses the right to privacy. According to him: “The act of collecting (digital) data has become as natural to us as breathing, as looking, as hearing (because in the online world it actually is a version of looking, hearing etc.) and we wouldn’t regulate what people just do by being alive.”

His solution for this new situation is to develop a new social contract about what we should and should not do. This is how we live together in the offline world and this is according to tante the only path we can take online too: “We have formed rules about sharing, about when sharing some data we gathered is okay and when it’s not. We have found ways to punish people who break that social contract (usually by no longer trusting them an therefore sharing less information with them).”

With thanks to @Ertraeglichkeit