Courtney Pepe describes the impact of using Google Glass in the class room.
– Different information retrieval and flow: “Searching on Glass is different than looking something up on iPad because Glass provides short bits of micro information that allows for quick synthesis on the part of the students. Then, the student says “okay Glass, take a note” and speaks the information into Evernote.”
– Students are in control: “I have learned to embrace that and just put the wearables in the hands of my students. To be honest, the only time that I have been concerned that the Glasses might break is when adults were trying them”
– The importance of a PLN
– Integration with Augmented Reality: “the chosen Glass Explorer of the day will approach the board and say “okay glass… scan this.” The Glasses search the area for AR content ,and then with a series of taps and two-finger gestures, the student is viewing and listening to a Tellagami or other content on my YouTube channel.”

– Integrate with iPads: “we screencast the Glasses onto an iPad and also onto a MacBook using Reflector