On Motherboard Meghan Neal writes: “as part of the institute’s 2014 10-Year Forecast report, Cascio drew up a legal framework to define the ethically hazy right to self-modification and prevent abuse of biohacking technology. It’s dubbed the ‘Magna Cortica.'”
Neal summarizes the document: “The Magna Cortica, “version 1,” protects:
1. The right to self-knowledge. (Basically, to measure and quantify your own brain, a relatively uncontroversial proposal.)
2. The right to self-modification. (There’s already a legal fight over body modifications, as innocuous as ear piercings and tattoos and more extreme like bionic body parts.)
3. The right to refuse modification. (As Cascio wrote, “Refusing cognitive augmentation may come to be considered as controversial and even irresponsible as the refusal to vaccinate is today.”)
4. The right to modify/refuse to modify your children.
5. The right to know who has been modified.”