Mat Honan discusses a new photo app by Google – Stories. “Stories is a new Google+ Photos feature that automates photo album creation. It collects your photos and videos into natural groupings–like a weekend trip you took to the mountains, or a child’s soccer game–clustered around out-of-the ordinary moments. Then it builds a narrative for you around those clusters of photos, almost instantly and without any action on your part.”
Honan adds: “Often, Google knows what you’re taking pictures of. This is especially true of frequently photographed landmarks, which it can then use to place you on a map. Think of the way Google Image Search works, or how you can search your Google+ photos for bicycle and see every image you’ve taken of a bike–even if you’ve never labeled them. It applies that same technology to Stories to help generate albums. Plucking photos taken more than a decade ago out of the past and telling you where they were taken is the kind of thing it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Google doing. You can either view it as really cool or really creepy or a little bit of both. But I will say that it’s remarkably impressive.”