Ginnie Pitler explains the ‘Plan, Trust, Expect’ Method for teachers to effectively integrate technology in lesson plans.
– Plan: “Don’t make the learning about technology … Don’t be discouraged when your students fail to meet a planned objective; they are mastering tools they will use repeatedly. Likewise, don’t be afraid that you don’t know more than your students. If they experiment and make discoveries beyond your planned expectations, relish in the fact that they are showing intuition, independence, creativity, and confidence. … Plan the learning curve. You are giving the rules when the rules are in play.”
– Trust: “Once you’ve infused technology into your plans with regularity, the need to plan a tech learning curve diminishes. Less time on the technology learning curve means more time to accomplish other goals. You work your way back into higher expectations and trust that your students know how to ‘make it happen.’ … You and your students are applying the rules. You trust the players know the rules”
– Expect: “Here on the scale, technology becomes invisible. You have confidence in your students; your students have complete confidence in the tech component of their challenges. You expect students to meet and exceed their goals.