Andrea Ayres-Deets gives us three tips on how to learn best:
1. “Research shows that spacing out your studying over a period of time is actually the best way to enhance your memory of the material. In fact, if you want to remember something for 5 years, your best choice is to space out your periods of study around 6-12 months.”
2. “If you make a mistake or receive negative feedback, the NoGo pathway is engaged. When we don’t receive that anticipated dopamine from trying something new or completing a task (et al.) the synaptic plasticity of the NoGo pathway is activated. This basically means you’re training your brain to not make similar mistakes in the future.”
3. “If you really want to maximize your learning time, it may be best to save the coffee for later. In fact, if you really wanted to improve your learning and memory, skip the coffee altogether and take a short nap. Sleeping shortly after learning something new aids in memory formation by strengthening the synapses that you’ve just spent all that time forming in your brain.”