SECSSELLS writes about the reaction of shoppers to profiling: “84% of people interviewed admit that they are aware of companies tracking the websites they’re visiting, and build on it personalized recommendations of goods.”

“Nevertheless, consumers take it as a trade-off policy of the deal and give their consent for their personal data processing when informed about the emerging profit. Moreover, the tendency to cooperate increases yearly, as in 2011 it was confirmed by 45% of people, as compared to 59% in 2014.”

“Most consumers are not happy with the situation due to their dependence on algorithms and the use of their personal data by online stores. 71% declare they feel uncomfortable about the amount of information collected by stores from them.”

“A notable 52% state that the shopping process has become a depersonalized experience and that shop algorithms are dictating their shopping choices.”

Link found by @photolifeofq