It was always important to have a dynamic identity rather than a fixed identity because dynamic identities enable learning skills and abilities to reflect on feedback. In our current times – when contexts are increasingly dynamic too – having a dynamic identity is about recognizing and seizing opportunities socially and professionally. The European project IDentifEYE creates a learning module for teachers to empower their students (aged 8 and up) to understand the dynamics of their identity and their surroundings in order to be better prepared for the opportunities and challenges of being online and of the labor market. In five session teachers are taught how to create new lesson plans that stimulate their students to adopt more dynamic identities and to understand the dynamic nature of the contexts surrounding them. The IDentifEYE module will also assist teachers in choosing a suitable educational technology to support their lesson plans since technology functions as a new communication grammar for the digital natives.
The IDentifEYE builds project on best practices in the field of online safety and online identities as identified in a former European project, CDEI. It encompasses a transfer of innovation from the Netherlands and Cyprus to Greece, Poland, Spain and Lithuania. Project partners are: CCS Education (Greece), Ezzev Foundation (the Netherlands), Favinom Consultancies (Cyprus), Citizen Project Foundation (Poland), GCPU (Poland), Jaunimo Karjeros Centras (Lithuania), Hellenic Association for Education (Greece) and Fundacion Privado Juan XXIII (Spain).