Klint Finley introduces us to Citizenme. “The long-term plan is to provide a way for you to sell your own online data directly to advertisers and others of your choosing. But it isn’t there just yet. In the meantime, it’s focused on helping you collect and analyze your social media data through a mobile app that connects to multiple social networks—giving you more insight into how things work today. “The very first step is raising awareness, helping people understand what’s being done with their data,” says Citizenme founder StJohn Deakins.”
Currently the app does two things. (1) “The app includes a guide to each network’s terms of service. Particularly alarming policies—such as Facebook’s broad license to your photos and other content—are highlighted in red to get your attention. And when a company updates its terms of service, Citizenme alerts you and lets you vote on whether you think it’s a good or bad change.” (2) “The company also worked with Cambridge University to create a series of personality tests that can be run against your data, letting you see how different networks might perceive you.”