Graham Oakes writes on “best practices”. He defines the minimum requirement for best practices as: ” First, it must be demonstrably better than any alternative practices. And second, it must actually be practiced by some set of people.”
According to Oakes the concept makes little sense. “People are doing widely different things, yet giving them the same label. How does that help us identify what we should do? … Variation arises because we all operate in different contexts. Our organisational goals and cultures are different. Our teams have different capabilities. We target different markets. We sell different products. Of course we will need to manage ourselves differently, do our projects differently, design our sites differently. Good practices arise when we fit what we do to our context. We think about what is going on around us and respond in an appropriate way. But to call out one of those practices as ‘best’ is meaningless.”
link found by @photolifeofq