eduglasses tells us about the introduction of Google Glass in the classroom: “I … handed the Glass to a team of students who were in the midst of solving their hands on STEM lesson. I asked the students to record the information that they thought would help other students finish their challenges in a more efficient way (even possibly creating a walkthrough for others to watch).”
Another teacher is quoted who makes different use of Glass: “My classes generally begin with the students using their iPads to research a higher order-thinking question. Now, the chosen glass student of the day will say “okay Glass – Google – what is the difference between speed and velocity.” Searching on Glass is different than looking something up on iPad because Glass provides short bits of micro information that allows for quick synthesis on the part of the students. Then, the student says “okay Glass, take a note” and speaks the information into Evernote. This syncs to my Evernote and differentiates “how” my students meet their learning targets. Plus, the workflow is super easy.”