When I started this blog it was hard to choose about to exciting new development I should dedicate a blog post. Sometimes as often as several times a day I would stumble upon something incredible. Now, if I see something interesting once a week I’m happy.
Probably this is as good as it’s going to get. No eco-system of new tech is going to provide an upswing for the technology any time soon. Maybe a rogue development might shock us and propel everything back in motion but until this time: this is it.
Software-wise there are great commercial platforms like Blippar and Metaio that gradually develop their products further. But they have not managed to become the launching pad for apps that have become mainstream in the sense that we use it for something everyday. There are a few popular applications, like the IKEA app and other interactive print or business maintenance apps and there is the rare fun when using AR in a large public space but the technology has not found its way into our daily consumer routine.
If anything commercial Augmented Reality’s chances are bleak. It’s flagship, Google Glass, never was about Augmented Reality in the first place – but caused a lot of excitement. This flagship has not made it to the masses.
The probably best mass Augmented Reality hardware is created by Meta… By whom? Exactly.
Non-commercial use also is still only slightly coming out of it’s niche. In education there are Two Guys and Some iPads enthusiastically promoting AR. There’s us. But what non-commercial killer apps can we think of? Every time Beata Staszynska and I introduce our AR games or apps in a European class room the students present are blissfully unaware about Augmented Reality. The situation has not changed since 2010.
Hopefully you can prove me wrong but until that time I believe: Augmented Reality – this is it.