How to

  1. Create a new subfolder on your computer. Name it any way you want to – X;
  2. Download the recorded files from your recording device to your new folder X;
  3. Minimize the new subfolder with the files but don’t close it;
  4. Go to the AR app in folder “D-ID_Workshop_AR”;
  5. Doubleclick on the “FlvConverter” file in the folder to open it. It should be opened by Java, not by an extracting program (like WinRAR) – which sometimes could happen. If it doesn’t default open by Java then right-click on “FlvConverter, then choose the „Open with” option and select Java from the list of available software;
  6. A new window will open. Now click the button: “Select Files”;
  7. Again a new window will open;
  8. Now maximize the previously minimized folder X that contains all your module 1.6 recordings;
  9. Select all the recordings [f.i. by using the keyboard combination (ctrl+a)];
  10. Drag all the selected recordings into the converter window;
  11. After all recordings are added, click „ok” – the window will close;
  12. Now click “convert”;
  13. The files will be converted;
  14. When all progress bars show that they have progressed to 100%, close the window by clicking „X” in upper right corner;
  15. Now test whether all went well. Open the “showcase” file in the “D-ID_Workshop_AR folder”;
  16. A page displaying heads will be opened by your browser;
  17. After you click on a head, an AR page will appear. Now show the marker corresponding to the head number to the camera – see section “Instruction for the use of the conversion software for AR”;
  18. In the window you should now see the appropriate recording – so recording number one when having clicked head number one and having shown marker number one;
  19. In summary – you drag the recordings into the AR app and click “convert” and the software will do the rest.