How to

  1. To play the AR game you need a computer with Internet access (to download and install the game on your computer) and webcam (built-in or plugged in);
  2. The game doesn’t need constant access to the Internet so you can download and prepare it at any location and then use it offline during the workshop;
  3. It is good to have a monochrome background behind you when playing the game. The color of the background should be different from the skin tone – preferably blue or green;
  4. The game can be downloaded here:;
  5. After the page is loaded click: “Install”;
  6. When a window pops up asking “Would you like to save this file?” click “Save File”;
  7. When the file has downloaded, open the folder where it is saved (usually this is the “Downloads”, in the folder structure under folder [your username] under folder Users on your hard disk), and click twice on downloaded file to open it (“Setup.exe”);
  8. If you receive a warning from your operating system pointing you at the danger of installing this software, please agree to install it despite the warning;
  9. After the game is installed, a shortcut will appear on your desktop named “Digital Identity Game”;
  10. When clicking the shortcut the game should start-up;
  11. When the start page has appeared, click on one of the flags in upper left corner to chose your language of choice to play the game;
  12. Now you can play the game
  13. You could fill out the data form, but it’s not necessary to start the game;
  14. Click “Start” on the start page to start the game;
  15. A new page will open. In it you will see the view from the camera – optionally you might have to give your permission – and, in a bar over the view of camera you will find instructions and questions and answers;
  16. Click on the image of the markers on the right side of the page. A PDF file will open. Please print the markers (one page A4-format). After printing cut out the markers to get four separate markers to use in the game;
  17. Follow the instructions and show marker A to the camera;
  18. In the bar over the camera view frame, qthe first uestions will be shown. After chosing an answer show the appropriate marker to the camera (marker A for answer A, marker B for answer B etc.);
  19. In window on the right there’s a “Quit” button. When you click it you will be transfered back to the start page;
  20. Show the marker only for a short period into the camera, just long enough until the next question appears in the bar. If you would show the marker too long, it is possible that the game will take the marker to be the answer to the next question and respond accordingly;
  21. After your have answered by showing the marker, a graphic representation (augmentation) of the answer option chosen will appear on the screen;
  22. After you have answered all of the questions, a “Finish” button will appear next to the “Quit” button. Click on it to end the game;
  23. After having finished playing the game, you will see on the screen a summary of the game with all questions and the answers options you provided as well as a photo of the view of the final screen with all the augmentations. The overview of questions and answers can be downloaded by clicking on the “Download results” button; the photo can be downloaded by clicking on the “Download photo” button;
  24. To end the game click the “Finish” button.