Special Eurobarometer 431 on data protection is out. It has gathered the opinion of EU citizens on the topic. An example: “Over seven out of ten people (71%) agree that providing personal information is an increasing part of modern life, slightly down from 74% who said this in 2010. Roughly a fifth (21%, -1 percentage point) disagree. Just under six out of ten people (58%, no change) agree that there is no alternative other than to provide personal information if you want to obtain products or services. Around three out of ten respondents (29%, -3pp) disagree with this. … The proportion of people who agree that they feel they have to provide personal information online has increased substantially from 28% in 2010 to 43% now. In fact, more people now agree than disagree with this statement (43% vs. 39%), a reversal of the situation in 2010 when 49% of people disagreed and only 28% agreed. A majority of respondents (57%, -6pp) disagree that providing personal information is not a big issue for them. Only just over a third (35%, +2pp) agreed with this view. A majority (52%, +1pp) also disagree with the view that they don’t mind providing personal information in return for free services online. Less than a third (29%, no change) agree with this statement.”