Mic Wright comes up with the following strategies to deal with the slurry of dumb negativity online:

  1. “Respond with studied calmness and they’ll be skittering in their chair with frustration.”
  2. “Don’t be afraid to leave a hook in a trapdoor in a comment, a dangling clause just to befuddle the person you’re debating with.”
  3. “Accept good points and seize remorselessly on stupid ones.”
  4. “Reply to any reasonable comment and the odd unreasonable one. Spar often and your counterpunches will be more powerful.”
  5. “Argue with yourself before you have to argue with others.”
  6. “Be cautious of people who are seemingly on your side.”
  7. “Make your arguments, defend your points but don’t allow your energy to be sapped by people who only want to insult you.”