Jodi Schiller writes: “AR/VR technology will:

  • Replace your computer, keyboard, dials, and gauges. You’ll wear high-tech headgear and use your words, hands, and eyes to control an interactive display floating in midair.
  • Replace your physical TV or screen. Your virtual screen will appear on whatever surface you want.
  • Boost the potential of the “Internet of Things.” You’ll effortlessly interact with and control the products and space around you….
  • Enable “in-person” meetings and collaboration with remote colleagues, clients, or friends via 3D holographs …
  • Enhance brand power. … you’ll interact with 3D-rendered brands and entertainment wherever you want – and these can be easily modified over time to create a serialized, ongoing story.
  • Streamline shopping and design. Try on clothes and jewelry, test-drive a car, and give new furniture or paint colors a whirl, with no commitment necessary …
  • Encourage exploration. Roam the streets of Paris or wander through Mayan ruins before (but hopefully not instead of!) heading to the airport.
  • Make media-sharing instantaneous. Got a hilarious Vine to show a friend? You’ll simply move your eyes from the selected clip (it would “live” behind a visual icon) and say, “Share with Sally.” Hey presto – now you’re watching that cat fall into the bathtub, together.”